Tamer Ahmed

Serial entrepreneur, researcher and a geek

Course Description

What Students Will Learn

- How to choose an idea
- How to gather a team of co-founders
- How to distribute equities
- When to bootstrap or search for investment
- What investors are looking for
- Where to start?
- How to test a market for idea?
- The concept of lean startup
- Marketing with minimum resources
- How to scale-up?
- When to raise another round of fund?

Target Audience of The Course

All of those who would like to start a new business specially a startup.


  • You have an idea ! so what ?

  • The friend who killed me

  • Who deserve the cake !

  • We got a company now what ?

  • Show me the money

  • I am everywhere

  • The blanket and the refrigerator test

  • Start small think big !

  • You first customer

  • Driving to the north pole

  • I need more money

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How to start a Startup?

Quick guide

This course will introduce the idea of how to build a startup and provide the most important issues that entrepreneurs may suffer through the course of building a startup.
It will guide a fresh entrepreneur to the process at the core level and give him summary about what to expect when starting a company.

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Instructor Bio

Serial entrepreneur, researcher and a geek. Have 20+ years of experience in telecommunication field, worked for Sprint (USA) and Orange(Egypt). Led many teams to
achieve world recognized products like (Internet for All) winner of best service in AfricaCom
Biomedical engineer with a background in R&D working on systems that need cross
disciplines experience. Worked in National Institute of Standards (NIS-Egypt)
and National institute of standards and technology (NIST-USA).Helped to develop CMMI adoption in Egypt and worked as a UN expert to help develop Ministry of Foreign trade new campus project.
Built a team of engineers to lead the first technical team in Orange major service center
started in Cairo 2004. Successfully managed global installation support team to operate
Orange installations worldwide. Met the challenges of handling international operations with a
team speaking 12 different languages.
Founded 4 businesses through my career including Information technology training center,
video gaming center, taxi calling service (Ogra), Anti-counterfeiting service (Asly).
Innovator with technology who developed many products currently in production