Ashraf Al Shafaki

Certified Trainer


  • Topic Selection

  • Designing a Training Course

  • The Karate Kid

  • Dealing with Difficult Students

  • Expelling Difficult Students

  • Optimize Last

  • Documentation

  • Visualization

  • Training Evaluation

  • Dealing with Complaining Employees

  • Reflection and Briefing

  • Seating Layout

  • Peer Feedback

  • Belief Change

  • Activities vs. Lectures

  • Evaluation Form

  • Objectives of Training

  • TNA

  • Trainer Voice

  • Answering Questions

  • Extreme Exercises

  • Storytelling

  • Breaks

  • Interactive Training vs. Lecturing

  • Sources of Learning

  • Listening

  • Ground Rules

  • Expectations

  • Dealing with Opinionated Students

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Introduction to Training of Trainers

This course provides you with valuable tips and advice to help you gain more confidence as a trainer. If you have never delivered any training before, this course will guide you providing you with the right direction to start from. If you are already an experienced training, this course will provide you with extra tips to further hone your training skills.

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Instructor Bio

Ashraf Al Shafaki is a Soft Skills Corporate Trainer. He started his training career 13 years ago delivering computer programming training at IBM Authorized Training Centers. He then conducted English Language training for AMIDEAST. Ashraf Al Shafaki also conducted HR Management training at Cairo University. He then started conducting soft skills training in the banking sector in 12 different governorates in Egypt from Alexandria to Aswan. Training of Trainers is one of the courses Ashraf Al Shafaki enjoys delivering most.