Motivational Speaker, Soft Skills Trainer and Business Facilitator

Course Description

What Students Will Learn

After completing this course, participants will start to:
• Know the importance of leaving a legacy.

• Create positive environment where they can keep all the negativity outside.

• Introduce themselves to the world of successors.

• Follow proper simple plan that describes each one of them.

• Learn the importance of 10/90 rule.

• Utilize the present time.

Target Audience of The Course

This program is designed for various types of people.


  • Part 1 introduction and vision:

  • Part 2 the millimeter rule

  • Part 3 the bubble principle

  • Part 4 the 10 / 90 principle

  • Part 5 importance of planning “one page plan rule”

  • Part 6 life is too short treat today like a present:

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Motivational session

practical steps to let go of failure and attach yourself to success

What you do today can improve all your tomorrows.
--Ralph Marston

This course explains simple yet effective steps, to let go of failure and start managing your future; to build your legacy that will speak about you when you are not there.

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Instructor Bio

An outstanding Motivational Speaker, Soft Skills Trainer and Business Facilitator.
Sarah helps individuals, teams, and Organizations increase organizational effectiveness, achieve bottom-line results, and become measurably more vital.
She possesses comprehensive knowledge and experience in delivering Training Sessions, designing Training Materials, and Training Evaluations.
Growing up in her career, training people coming from diverse backgrounds whether working professionals or students, this immense and diverse exposure developed her ability to seek understanding others from their own frame of reference and probe to understand unexpressed thoughts, concerns or feelings along with providing coaching and feedback to help others develop ability to unleash their hidden talents and passion.
With her fluency in both Arabic and English, Sarah has facilitated numerous of programs addressing leadership, communication and personal development in both languages to numerous organizations in various sec¬tors.
Sarah was honored to train the U.S.A. Embassy staff, Arab League staff and trained more than 1000 College students all over Egypt.

All it takes is one new insight or idea - strongly acted on - to take you to a completely different place.
--Robin Sharma