Ashraf Salah Eldin

President - High Tech Vision

Course Description

What Students Will Learn

This course provides a fast track understanding of the digital landscape including social media marketing, search engine optimization, email marketing, display advertising, mobile, resources and the cost of infrastructure.

Course Outline:
Introduction to Digital Marketing
Assessing the Channels & Technologies
Demographics of Your Customer
The Digital Marketing Toolbox
Internet Campaign and Media Strategy
Creative Strategy
Designing for the User Experience


  • Introduction to Digital Marketing

  • Digital Marketing channels

  • Facebook

  • LinkedIn

  • Youtube

  • Instagram

  • Twitter

  • Snapchat

  • Digital Marketing products

  • Digital Marketing Mix

  • Why do we need a digital marketing strategy

  • 11 steps to prepare a successful Digital Marketing Strategy

  • Social Media Strategy

  • Preparing the digital marketing strategy plan

  • How do you make sure that your strategy will succeed

  • Measuring results

  • Local and international case studies

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Digital Marketing Strategy Intro

How to prepare a clear objective strategy for your digital marketing

We believe that a digital marketing strategy is essential to take advantage of the growing opportunities from digital marketing for everyone, yet many companies, freelancers and business owners don't have a digital marketing strategy! In this course we will focus on what you should consider while doing your digital marketing and the main component of the strategy and from where to start.

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Instructor Bio

Digital marketing consultant
Professional instructor with Arab tourism organization and Arado – Arab league
Certified instructor from The charter institute of environmental health - UK
President - High Tech Vision
VP and delegated board member of Teleconnect contact center
Board Member - Chamber of Information Technology and Telecom.