Ghada Ali Hassan

Certified Practitioner, Writer, and Life Coach

Course Description

What Students Will Learn

Throughout the workshop, you’ll be able to know:

>How to deal strongly with the pressure of everyday life, stop worrying & start wanting
>How to have a balanced life & live the life you wish (to become aware and conscious of your unconscious mind)
>Knowing deep-self and how could you simply express yourself
>How to find your purpose and have a successful life in very simple way. Also, to create your personal mission
>what can turn your dreams into goals & how to live your reality using very effective techniques. (From a dreamer to achiever)

>Why to welcome failure and switch it into opportunities
>How to Remove Your Dream’s Blockages and break all your obstacles, you’re your growth and learning challenges in simple effective ways.
>Get out of your comfort zone
>Facing our Growth pain, deal with it and get rid of the learning
>Feeling the discomfort of the comfort zone
>now How to become a magnet to your dream and use the unused hidden existed power.
>How to Invite people to your world of success and leave your legacy


  • Introduction

  • Life Mission

  • Circumstances

  • Areas of life - Spiritual area

  • Health

  • Personal growth

  • Family

  • Relative , Giving & Friends

  • Work

  • Investment

  • Implementation skills of the individual

  • Smart goals

  • Life presuppositions N. 1

  • Life presuppositions N. 2

  • Life presuppositions N. 3

  • Life presuppositions N. 4

  • Life presuppositions N. 5

  • Life presuppositions N. 6

  • Life presuppositions N. 7

  • Life presuppositions N. 8

  • Life presuppositions N. 9

  • Life presuppositions N. 10

  • Life presuppositions N. 11

  • Life presuppositions N. 12

  • Life presuppositions N. 13

  • Life presuppositions N. 14

  • Conscious Mind

  • Subconscious Mind

  • Comparison between Conscious & Subconscious Mind

  • Comfort zone 1

  • Comfort zone 2

  • Growth pain

  • Learning obstacles for adults

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Run After Your Dreams :)

Practical steps to fulfill your dreams !

Do you know your real goals?
Do you know how to write your goals?!
Did you ever tried to write your goals , then you felt lost & you end up writing something else , or you could not write them the way you want ?
Do you dare to dream? Do you feel that some of your dreams are not applicable with you?
Do you know how to follow your real dreams? Do you want to know how to achieve your dreams?
Did you ever think about, what are your strong skills & your weak ones?
Do you know how to strength your strong skills and deal with your weak skills to be able to achieve your real dreams?
Do you fear stepping-out of the comfort zone?
Do you feel more secured inside the comfort zone and can’t imagine taking a risk that ruins this comfort? Are you content with this state or do you want to step-out of this?
Do you want to start achieving the objectives and dreams that are postponed since a long time?
Do you want to accept all what you have, appreciate it and start to have a power zone to be able to reach your goals and touch your dreams?
*Have you ever felt like you've a hidden treasure that’s not discovered yet at your Journey of life?
That you've to unleash all your repressed powers to be able to go beyond your boundaries where excellence, happiness & success just become your normal standards? To make your big dream comes true? Live the life you always wish? Know your purpose of life to make the world a better place by your existence?
And after starting to write down your goals to catch your dreams; suddenly STOP! And you just do nothing!!!!!!
Why? Because you fear stepping-out of the comfort zone.
So, do you want to learn how to step-out of the comfort zone??
Do you want to become that one you always wanted to? Do you want to create and live that life you deserve with your own special quality of happiness, success and achievement?

If the answer to any of the above is “Yes”, then this workshop is what you need to step-out of the comfort zone and start living the life you always looked forward to.

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Instructor Bio

- Member of the Board of Trustees and Member of the Education Committee, New Cairo,
5th settlement.
- Educational background with 15 years educational experience.
- Certified HR diploma accredited from Lane University in America, In collaboration with Ein
Shams University in Egypt.
- Founder and trainer of “Sepaq El Mashael “ Human development campaign in
- Certified NLP Master Practitioner. The American Board of Nero-Linguistic Programming,
Certified NLP Coach, Coaching Division.
- Certified The seven habits course of Stephen Covey at Narmer American College
- Certified APP course (Access Personal Power) at Lucid training.
- Business canvas training program, (Venture Capital 4 Africa together with Inn ventures, Egypt)
- Certified APG (Accessing Personal Genius) Meta-States Practitioner; The International Society of Nero-Semantics at Plan B company)
- Certified practitioner Pranic Healing ''Level 1'' program at Lucid training
- Personal development article writer in Veto gate newspaper
- Monthly hosted for TV Programs as a life coach, for discussing Life challenges & how it could be improved and developed