Dr. Ayman Sheta

DBA, MBA, B.Eng.


  • Ground Rules

  • Communication Skills for customer service excellence - part 1

  • Communication Skills for customer service excellence - part 2

  • Communication Skills for customer service excellence - part 3

  • Communication Skills for customer service excellence - part 4

  • Communication Skills for customer service excellence - part 5

  • Know more about yourself to know your customer better (JoHarry Windows) - part 1

  • Know more about yourself to know your customer better (JoHarry Windows) - part 2

  • The 8 sins of the poor customer service professional

  • The 7 characteristics of the excellent customer service professional

  • The 6 cardinal rules for outstanding customer service

  • The 5 killer words in the customer service world

  • The 4 magic steps to answer a service call

  • Finale

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Customer Service for All

We are all serving customers if not the external customer we are serving some internal customer who might be eventually serving an external customer.

That is why it is crucial for all of us to look into the fundamentals of customer service… and this is exactly what this course does for all of us… those who serve internal customers will benefit and those who are in customer service by profession will sharpen their skills and may gain a few new thing.

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Instructor Bio

Dr. Ayman Sheta has 23 years’ of multinational and Professional experience, including 12 years as a teacher/trainer and 9 years consultancy in HR, Organizational Development, Re-engineering, Business Development, Marketing and IT. He excels in communication, interpersonal, organizational, and leadership skills.

Leading by example, he is able to transfer these competencies to his trainees.

Over the past 18 years Ayman has prepared and delivered more than 2,500 training hours to employees and external clients on a broad range of business and technical, hard and soft skills, and on-the-job training subjects. He also has experience as a university lecturer; creating and delivering college-level Marketing courses.

Ayman is an accomplished Project Manager, Organizational Development consultant and HR Manager. As an HR professional Ayman focuses his efforts on recruiting the right talent and developing the needed caliber of employees to meet organizational requirements. Through his HR training specialization, he is able to transfer his knowledge on the subjects of:

• Analysis of staffing requirements job functions, and labor market conditions
• Job specification and salary grade determination
• Identification of training and development needs through job analysis and appraisals
• Development of personal, professional and interpersonal skills
• Re-building and reformulating organizations to specific orientation
• Performance Measurement and Behavioral based performance
• Coaching, mentoring and motivating teams
• Building and Leading competitive teams

The success of Ayman’s training approach may be attributed to his dedication to designing and customizing his training programs to meet organizational needs, ensuring training effectiveness to keep costs within budget, and advising on an optimal training strategy for each organization he serves.

Ayman is fully fluent to train in Arabic and English.

Training Programs Portfolio
Originally an Engineer with a Computer Science major and applied experience in Computer and Software Engineering and in Plant/Facilities management and Maintenance Management…
1. Project Management
a. For Engineers (non PMP)
b. For non-Engineers
2. Microsoft Office Applications
a. Word / Excel / PowerPoint / Outlook
b. Project / Visio
Then came my MBA with a double concentration on International Business Management and Marketing Management and applied experience in Strategic Business Planning, Marketing Management and Business Development…
3. Strategic Business Planning
4. International Business Management
5. Strategic Marketing Planning
6. Marketing Management
7. Integrated Marketing Communication
Then followed my study for my Doctorate Degree in Business Administration with a focus on Human Resource Management and Human Capital Development along with my professional experience as an HR Manager, and a professional consultant and trainer in the Human Development…
8. Strategic Human Resource Management
9. Human Capital Management and Development
10. HR for non-HR managers
11. Talent Management
12. Succession Planning