Tarek Fahmy

Certified Trainer, Senior Manager & consultant

Course Description

What Students Will Learn

- Understand Concept of Business Model Canvas
- Sktech, Design and Innovate your business model
- Build a successful start-up business

Target Audience of The Course

Entrepreneurs, business consultants, students and anyone interested to learn more about some of the first steps involved in planning for your business


  • 1- Why We Do Not Need a Business Plan

  • 2- Introduction to Business Model Canvas

  • 3- Block 1: Customer Segment

  • 4- Block 2: Value Proposition

  • 5- Block 3: Channels

  • 6- Block 4: Customer Relationship

  • 7- Block 5: Revenue Streams

  • 8- Block 6: Key Resources

  • 9- Block 7: Key Activities

  • 10- Block 8: Key Partners

  • 11- Block 9: Cost Structure

  • 12- Nespresso Business Model

  • 13- Business Model Patterns

  • 14- How to Assess your Business Model

  • 15- Next Steps

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Intro to Business Model Canvas

Design, Sketch and Innovate Your Business Model with the Business Model Canvas

This course will give you a detailed overview of the Business Model Canvas tool that is used by successful entrepreneurs and the world’s leading organizations

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Instructor Bio

A senior manager with more than 18 years experience in different roles in Sales, Marketing, Business Development and Lean Six Sigma working for multinational firms like Schlumberger, Elsevier, General Electric & Honeywell in Middle East & Africa.
Experience in consultancy helping corporate organizations, entrepreneurs and startups innovate their business model and design a strategy for the future through co-creation and visualization.
A certified trainer by top organizations delivering courses (in English, French and Arabic) in Business Model Canvas, Sales, Marketing, Negotiation Skills and Mind Maps.