Nahla Saber

Certified Soft Skills Trainer/ English Language Instructor

Course Description

What Students Will Learn

By the end of the program, the participants will be able to:
• Understand the change process and the transition phase.
• Develop the skills needed to support innovation and improvement.
• Develop the planning skills needed to introduce and implement positive change.
• Overcome change barriers.
• Analyze and evaluate problems associated with change.
• Manage change sustainability and empowerment.
• Monitor the outcomes of change.


  • Why is it difficult for us to change?

  • When will we change?

  • Why do we care about change management ?

  • Types of change

  • Human change - organizational

  • Human change

  • The forces of change

  • Success rates for change

  • Principles of change

  • Change management effectiveness

  • Change Motivation

  • Obstacles to change

  • Obstacles to change part 2

  • Resistance to change – part 1

  • Resistance to change – part 2

  • Four stages to move from one state to another

  • Stage 1

  • Stage 2

  • Stage 3

  • Stage 4

  • Overcoming the resistance to change

  • Creating a vision for change

  • Political support

  • The impact on key stakeholders

  • Change Agent

  • Contribution

  • Ishikawa

  • Maintaining the rotation wheel

  • Transformation process management

  • Kotter’s 8-Step Process for Leading Change

  • Final Test

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Change Management

The need for organizations to meet and to cope with changing conditions requires innovation, creativity and flexibility.

Organizations face dramatic rapid changes in the business world. To keep their effectiveness, they should cope with that rapid change. Organizations move through a number of identifiable stages as they grow and develop. In some cases these changes are planned, in others they are unplanned. Sometimes the forces for change come from within the organization and at other times they will be caused by external forces or influences. The need for organizations to meet and to cope with changing conditions requires innovation, creativity and flexibility.
This course will help you develop the skills and knowledge required to promote the use and implementation of innovative work practices to influence change and manage it.

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Instructor Bio

Nahla Saber - Certified Soft Skills Trainer/ English Language Instructor
"Be the source of positive energy, change people's attitudes"

As a soft skills trainer, Nahla believes in the constant learning and development ongoing process and how it could change people's lifestyle. She takes pride in motivating others to achieve their goals. Nahla currently conducts management and personal development training programs for various large organizations. Moreover, she participates as a training facilitator in different team building events with multinational organizations.

In addition, she plays a prominent role in teaching English to adults. Nahla is a languages and translation graduate with "Excellent" grade accredited from faculty of Arts, Ain Shams University. Remarkably, she plays an integral part in customizing and developing English curriculum for adults, especially English for specific purposes. Notably, she sets her own customized training solutions based on the training competencies and the vision of each organization.

Nahla is currently acting as the English Academy Project Manager at Almasry Alyoum for Journalism and Publication. Notably, she sets the training delivery methodology and structure for English courses at Almasry Alyoum. Nahla is also an invigilator at the British council participating in the examination process and all its procedures. Outstandingly, she delivers customized English for Media to journalists and reporters. In Addition, She participates in team building events at Pepsico (Beyti), Cargill, Chipsy, Energya-PTS, Coca Cola, etc….