Mohammad Azzazy

Learning and Development Manager

Course Description

What Students Will Learn

Mastering the main life tools that lead to the balanced life in all areas
- Define the main life aspects for everyone
- Create an effective personal executive plan
- Managing the daily tasks professionally
- Putting all workshop objectives in a simple and practical way

Important points to get the highest benefits from the course:
- Assignments committing
- Applying the course in your personal life
- Watching the videos for more than one time

Target Audience of The Course

- For everyone struggling on finding the proper way to manage his life goals
- For every person cannot manage his time and tasks effectively
- For anyone looking for a simple and practical ways to get his life on track


  • Introduction

  • Management VS Willpower

  • SWOT

  • What Is Next?

  • Passion, Opportunities and Ability

  • The Main Life Keys - Religion and Relationships

  • The Main Life Keys - Education

  • The Main Life Keys - Professional Career

  • The Main Life Keys - Volunteering

  • The Main Life Keys - Hobbies

  • The Main Life Keys - Health

  • Financial Balance

  • The Power of Writing

  • The Mind Map

  • The Executive Plan – Introduction

  • The Executive Plan – The Sub-Objectives

  • The Executive Plan – Where am I

  • The Executive Plan – What I Need

  • The Executive Plan – The Human Resources

  • The Executive Plan – The Power OF Now

  • The Executive Plan – Daily Tasks

  • The Executive Plan – Income and Expenses

  • The Executive Plan – What If?

  • How to Prioritize

  • The Bad Habits

  • Time Management

  • Time Tables

  • General Advices - Marriage

  • General Advices - Prioritizing

  • General Advices - Skills You Must Have

  • The Wrap up

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The Life Balance

Balance starts with knowledge

“Life Balance Course" is an integrated course that works on developing basic skills by learning how to develop a strong, successful and balanced life plan in all different areas of life, in a practical and effective way. As it is the sum of previous experiences that have been formulated in a simple training way to be appropriate for different classes of ages.

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Instructor Bio

Mohammad Azzazy graduated from business administration Ain Shams University, He is learning and development manager in one of the respectable training companies in Middle East located in Dubai and Cairo, and he is a freelance trainer in other training companies in Egypt. Mohammad is working in training field for over than 6 years now.
Also about his professional background, Mohammad worked as a business developer in marketing and sales with Awareness, HCCA and AMG, technical support in Vodafone UK, project manager in one of the volunteering campaigns and organizational development manager in one of the real state companies in Egypt.
Mohammad is delivering a lot of training programs like Soft Skills, Management courses and simulation training programs.
Examples of places and companies that Mohammad has been cooperate with:
OLIS Group, Bridge Group, KONE, Bank Audi, Ain Shams University, Cairo University, Ahram Canadian University, Barclays Bank and others.